Our first three deliverables all support the concept of Better Information. Better Decisions.

  1. A white paper on trust and authority in academia that discusses the different types of research information, how they are created and the part this plays in establishing their importance. Summer 2017.
  2. An Early Career Researcher survey on Systematic literature review open to those from all disciplines (not just biomedical fields). Full results will be shared. Fall 2017.
  3. A field guide to Systematic literature review with a Webinar to walk researchers through the key steps. Fall 2017.
Image credit: "Track" by Dean Hochman, Flickr. CC BY.

Image credit: “Track” by Dean Hochman, Flickr. CC BY.

These three items are the beginning of what we anticipate will be an extensive collection of new learning objects in discrete tracks of learning. We welcome your input regarding potential topics to explore. Please visit the Contact page for details.